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Man with his dog playing in the parkOur love of pets is at the heart of our innovation.

We are pioneers, researchers and investigators. But most importantly, dog lovers. That’s why we are driven to understand the biological and environmental influences of canine cancer to create solutions for early detection so we can save more lives.

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Love your dog inside and out. Detect bladder cancer earlier. 

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CADETSM  BRAF Mutation Detection Assay

The fastest and most reliable early bladder cancer detection test available.

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CADETSM BRAF Mutation Detection Assay  A novel approach for early detection and diagnosis/monitoring of canine transitional cell carcinoma/urothelial carcinoma (TCC/UC)

Accessible: Easy free-catch urine test. Simply collect urine from your dog and submit for testing from the comfort of your own home.

Affordable: Reduce costs associated with treating recurring symptoms, rather than the cancer itself.

Sensitive: Forensic-level detection, allows earliest detection and not affected by blood, protein, sugars, bacteria etc in the urine.

Rapid: Diagnostic/monitoring test results available in just 2-3 days. Screening test results available within 2 weeks.