About Us

Sentinel Biomedical – trust is in our name.

The word ‘Sentinel’ is defined as ‘a guard whose job is to stand and keep watch’. We chose this name because we are committed to protecting the health and welfare of our canine companions. That’s why we’re always looking for innovative ways to keep dogs healthy – because we know that dogs aren’t just pets, they’re family- and family deserves the highest level of protection.

What We Do

We are passionately committed to scientific innovation with a strong focus on investigating the molecular basis of canine cancers and the identification of potential environmental influences that may be shared with human cancers, making canines true watchdogs in the area of human health. Genetic research with a comparative approach accelerates important discoveries toward improving diagnosis and treatment both for man and man’s best friend.

Our core research is focused on:

  1. identification of genetic signatures that have diagnostic and/or prognostic significance for canine cancers
  2. comparison of the genetic basis of canine and human cancers
  3. tracking geographic cancer clusters to determine potential environmental impact

Our Team

Matthew Breen, PhD CBiol FRSB

Dr. Matthew Breen is a Professor of Genomics and the Oscar J. Fletcher Distinguished Professor of Comparative Oncology Genetics in the Dept. of Molecular Biomedical Sciences at the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

A member of a team that decoded the canine genome in 2005, Dr. Breen has over 25 years experience in genetics  and cancer research and has authored over 160 scientific publications. Dr. Breen is recognized internationally for his work in veterinary and comparative genetics, genome mapping  and cancer. Dr. Breen is a strong advocate for the comparative value that our dogs have to the study of human cancers.  He has served on numerous advisory boards for companies in the animal health industry, for scientific journals and also for federal and private funding agencies.

Through his laboratory at North Carolina State and now also at Sentinel Biomedical, Dr. Breen and his team develop robust molecular assays/tests for early detection, diagnosis and prognosis of canine cancers.

Rachael Thomas, PhD CBiol FRSB

Dr. Thomas has a PhD in molecular biology and over 15 years experience in canine and comparative genomics and cancer research. She is a Research Assistant Professor of Genomics in the Dept. of Molecular Biomedical Sciences at the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She has published over 50 research articles in peer reviewed scientific journals, and played an integral role in the development of many of the molecular tools and techniques that are being used today for canine and feline cancer research.

At  Sentinel Biomedical, Dr. Thomas oversees our research programs, laboratory operations and quality control activities.

Katherine Kennedy, PhD ASCP (MB)

Dr. Kennedy completed an undergraduate degree in Molecular Genetic Technology at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and a PhD in Comparative Biomedical Sciences at North Carolina State University.

Dr. Kennedy played an integral role in the development of our diagnostic and prognostics assays and is responsible for continued assay development and implementation.


For inquiries on our science or our products, or for assistance with placing orders,
please contact us by email at info@SentinelBiomedical.com or by phone at 919-996-0174.

You may also reach us by mail at:

Sentinel Biomedical
RB359 CVM Research Building,
Centennial Biomedical Campus,
1060 William Moore Drive, Raleigh, NC 27607


For all media requests and inquiries, please contact Stephanie Llorente, PREP Communications, 919-271-6491.